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Preserving Playas del Coco's waters: Ocean Cleanup with Clean wave & Rich Coast Dive Against Debris

Playas del Coco, located in the beautiful province of Guanacaste, is a renowned beach town in Costa Rica known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant marine ecosystems. As a popular tourist destination, it is crucial to ensure the preservation of its natural beauty and protect the marine life that thrives in its waters. One initiative that has gained significant momentum in recent years is our PADI Dive Against Debris Dive in collaberation with the Clean Wave organisation, an event that brings together divers and environmental enthusiasts to combat ocean pollution and clean up the underwater world of Playas del Coco.

Last Sunday 11 June was another succesfull event where our staff participated in an underwater ocean cleanup of the Coco bay. Check the video below and contact us for the next ocean cleanup. Not a diver ? Then join us for the beach cleanup !

Video by Thomas Metro

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of this monthly event and delve into the efforts made by the local community to protect and conserve their precious marine environment.

Understanding the PADI Dive Against Debris Dive

The PADI Dive Against Debris Dive is a global initiative that aims to address the critical issue of marine debris through organized dives in various locations worldwide. Playas del Coco has embraced this cause, becoming an active participant in this endeavor. The event brings together divers of all skill levels, local volunteers, and environmental organizations to conduct underwater clean-up operations.

During the dive, participants collect and document debris found on the ocean floor, including plastic bags, fishing nets, bottles, and other non-biodegradable waste. This data is later submitted to Project AWARE, a global movement for ocean protection, to contribute to their ongoing research on marine debris and raise awareness about the impact of pollution on marine life.

The Importance of Playas del Coco's Marine Ecosystem

The marine ecosystem of Playas del Coco is teeming with an incredible diversity of marine life, including colorful tropical fish, sea turtles, rays, and more. These delicate ecosystems are vital for the overall health of the oceans and provide countless benefits, such as carbon sequestration, food resources, and tourism revenue.

However, like many coastal areas worldwide, Playas del Coco faces significant threats from pollution and human activities. Improper waste disposal, excessive fishing, and climate change impacts pose significant risks to the marine environment. The PADI Dive Against Debris Dive plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges by removing harmful debris from the ocean and raising awareness about the need for responsible waste management.

Community Engagement and Collaboration

The success of the PADI Dive Against Debris Dive in Playas del Coco is largely attributed to the strong community engagement and collaboration among various stakeholders. Local dive shops, environmental organizations, and concerned citizens have come together to organize and support the event.

Dive operators play a vital role by providing logistics, equipment, and trained dive professionals who oversee the safety and efficiency of the clean-up dives. Here at Rich Coast Diving we educate participants on proper diving techniques, highlighting the importance of marine conservation and the impact of debris on fragile ecosystems. Collaboration with local organisations like the Clean Wave organization is another key aspect of the initiative. By involving students and young people, the event fosters environmental awareness and instills a sense of responsibility towards the oceans from an early age.

Long-Term Impact and Sustainability

The PADI Dive Against Debris Dive in Playas del Coco has already made significant progress in mitigating ocean pollution and raising public awareness. By removing debris from the marine environment, the initiative helps safeguard marine life, reduce entanglement risks, and preserve the natural beauty of the area for future generations.

However, sustaining these efforts requires continuous action beyond a single event. The local community, alongside authorities and environmental organizations, has implemented long-term measures to tackle marine pollution. These include implementing recycling programs, promoting responsible waste management, and advocating for stricter regulations on plastic use by local shops and supermarkets.

Additionally, ongoing monitoring and research are essential to track the effectiveness of these initiatives and identify areas that require further attention. By actively involving local stakeholders in the decision-making process, the community can ensure the sustainable management of Playas del Coco's marine resources.


The Rich Coast Dive Against Debris Dive and Cleanwave ocean cleanup in Playas del Coco serves as a shining example of community-driven environmental conservation efforts. By uniting divers, volunteers, and environmental organizations, the initiative plays a crucial role in protecting the marine ecosystems that are the lifeblood of the region. Through ongoing clean-up dives, education, and collaboration, Rich Coast Diving is actively combating ocean pollution and working towards a sustainable future.

Preserving the beauty and integrity of Playas del Coco's waters is not only vital for the local community but also for the global effort to safeguard our oceans. By participating in initiatives like the PADI Dive Against Debris Dive, we can all contribute to the collective responsibility of protecting our planet's most valuable resource, our oceans. Let us all take inspiration from Playas del Coco's dedication to marine conservation and work together to create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for our precious marine environments.

Join us for the next beach cleanup or ocean cleanup dive !

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