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Gulf Papagayo Drone View Islands Costa Rica

Green Fins Member

Protecting Coral Reefs
Through Sustainable Tourism


As active Green Fins member we protect and our underwater environment by following environmental guidelines that promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling industry.

A quarter of all marine life and half a billion people directly depend on coral reefs for survival. Yet, reefs globally are under threat. Green Fins educates and empowers people to reduce pressures on coral reefs by adopting sustainable tourism measures. Together, we can keep our coral reefs healthy and thriving for years to come.

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Here at Rich Coast Diving we educate our staff and guests on responsible diving and snorkelling practices. This way we preserve the marine life for future generations and travellers to enjoy.

Green Fin guidelines help us become be better divers and snorkelers. We have a strict no glove policy, we do not touch or harass any marine life, use mooring lines when possible and more.

See how you can help by being a better diver or snorkeler and follow the Green Fins protocol. We appreciate your help ! 


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