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Marine Invertebrate Guide
Costa Rica

Most common Marine invertebrate species found in Costa Rica & Eastern Pacific

Invertebrate Identification Guide

An overview of the most common found species of invertebrate in Costa Rica and Eastern pacific

This is great for divers & students who want to practice their Invertebrate ID skills

Help us collect important data on invertebrate populations in Costa Rica

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How to use this Invertebrate guide

Diving and snorkeling give us the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful and mysterious habitats on Earth. 

The Eastern Pacific Ocean is a vast expanse of marine wonder, teeming with an incredible diversity of marine life. One of the most fascinating aspects of this ecosystem is the array of invertebrate families that inhabit its waters. Among the numerous invertebrate families found in the Eastern Pacific, Costa Rica stands out as a particularly rich and diverse hotspot.


The vulcanic rocky coastline and offshore islands host a remarkable range of species that have adapted to various niches and habitats. This invertebrate identification guide helps you to look into some of the most common invertebrate species found in the Eastern Pacific.

For your convenience this invertebrate guide is divided into 6 categories based on common features of invertebrate families such as size, shape, color, behavior and markings. Study each of the categories and learn to identify common species of fish and their families.


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