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Prices for Diving & Snorkeling in Costa Rica

  • Why Rich Coast Diving ?
    Rich Coast Diving will help you begin your Dream Career as a PADI Professional. Our PRO Courses have been the starting point for hundreds of professionals from around the world. Rich Coast Diving takes pride in the quality and the professionalism of our teaching methods. But also the fun during our courses. Read testimonials of those who have been here recently.
  • How do I get There ?
    Rich Coast Diving is located in the small town of Playas del Coco. You can either fly to the capital of Costa Rica named San Jose (SJO Int'l Airport) and take a shuttle bus to Playas del Coco (5 hours). We can recommend the Interbus shuttle company. For bookings go to Or you can fly to Liberia (Daniel Oduber Int'l Airport) which is less then 40 min from Playas del Coco and from this airport we can arrange your pickup ($50 USD one way).
  • Accomodation
    For our PRO Candidates we have several accomodation options. Contact us for prices and availability.
  • What do I need to Bring ?
    We highly recommend that you bring your own equipment. If you do not own your own set of equipment yet, you can buy your personal set at our dive shop at a discounted rate or rent it (for divemaster internship only). As a future PADI professional the following items are mandatory and you cannot start you course without them ! We do sell all items with a 20% discount for our PRO participants if you can not bring them from your home country. As per Instructor Manual you need a dive computer, DSMB, compass, knife / divers tool, sound device (wisle).
  • What is the best time of the Year for the IDC in Costa Rica ?
    During the IDC you will spend most of your time in the classroom attending seminars, workshops and presentations. Then there are several pool sessions and a few training dives in the ocean. All of our training dive sites are conveniently located within 15 minutes away. We have access to great training dive sites with shallow and deep water. Conditions underwater can change from day to day but generally the water temperature ranges from 26 - 28 Celcius. So a 3 mm shorty wetsuit will be sufficient to keep you warm.
  • What is your cancellation policy ?
    You may cancel your reservation by written confirmation to up to 14 days before the start of your PRO course and you will receive a full refund. But in case of cancellation with notification within 14 days prior to arrival, your deposit will not be fully refunded (50% of your activities and 100% of the accommodation). Ofcourse we do understand that unexpected circumstances may happen and we can reschedule your course for free up to 14 days before the starting date. However payments made for accommodation reservations will not be refunded.
  • Course Price & PADI / EFR Fees
    Becoming a PADI Pro is not cheap but definitely worth it and we want to make sure that you can plan your budget accordingly by understanding all the costs and fees. You find an overview of the prices and fees on our price list. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns you have regarding the costs of the PRO Courses and additional PADI and EFR fees. In short: ​ First there is the cost of the course for the training we provide you to become a PADI Professional. The cost of the course will be paid directly to Rich Coast Diving. Besides the cost of the course there are additional "PADI fees" which will be paid by credit card at the end of the training directly to PADI. As a PADI professional you will have to pay PADI initially to apply to become a member, as well as pay annual membership fees to retain your teaching status with them. ​ For the IDC candidates there are the EFR instructor fees and EFR annual fees. ​ Since PADI and EFR fees change annually please contact us for the latest update on fees.
  • How do I pay ?
    We are flexible and offer different payment options for you comfort. Please contact us for the details. Please note that bank and transfer fees are to be paid by the customer. On arrival you can settle your final payments by credit card or payment in cash (USD/EUR/CRC).

We offer some of the best rates for snorkelling and diving in Costa Rica.

Note that all our prices are in USD and include 13% VAT !

All Courses include equipment rental.

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Plan & Book your Dive Trip

Located in Playas del Coco (Guanacaste) we offer the best diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica. As the oldest and first PADI ECO Certified 5* CDC Dive center you can be sure we offer the highest quality trips and courses.

Book online or contact us today to explore the wonderfull underwater world of Costa Rica !

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How much does scuba diving in Costa Rica Cost ?

Are you intrigued by the underwater world and eager to explore the wonders of the deep sea? Scuba diving is offers a glimpse into a world like no other, full of vibrant marine life. However, as with any exciting pursuit, scuba diving comes with its own set of costs and expenses. But Scuba diving is not necesarily more expensive than any other outdoor activities. So lets have a look at the various factors that contribute to scuba diving costs, helping you understand and plan for your underwater adventures.

Is Scuba diving in Costa Rica expensive ?

One of the most exhilarating aspects of scuba diving is exploring new dive sites and witnessing unique marine ecosystems. Our 5 star PADI divecenter is located near the best dive sites in Costa Rica. We offer seasonal trips with Mantas or Bullsharks and year round great diving on our local dive sites.


The cost of our dive tours and snorkel excursions varies depending on the location and the type of dive. Our local dive trips cost $95 for a 2 tank dive and only $30 extra for a third tank. So a full morning activity for less than hundred dollars. Compared to other activities like zip lining, horse riding or visiting a nature park will cost you the same or more. And all our dive trips are including taxes and multilangual expert guides and snack and drinks. Not bad right !

How much does it cost to get your PADI Scuba certification ?

Before you can embark on your scuba diving journey, you'll need to obtain the appropriate scuba certification. The most common and widely recognized certification agency is PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Rich Coast Diving is the oldest and first 5 star PADI dive center and as Career Development Center and PADI ECO Diveshop we hold the highest rating in the industry. So you can be assured to receive the best possible training from our multilingual instructors. 


The cost of certification varies depending on the level of training you seek, ranging from beginner courses like Open Water Diver to more advanced courses like Rescue Diver or Dive Master. Depending on the course it will include include course materials (PADI eLearning), instruction from an experienced instructor, and pool and open water dives. Note that all our courses include taxes and the equipment and dive computer rental. Not something that all diveshops include. So better check before you book ! All our prices are according to industry standards and will not be very different from what other shops in Costa Rica offer. You find a full overview of our courses and prices in our PADI Course catalog. And the best thing is you can book online and receive your eLearning amterials before you go on holiday. That way you spend less time studying and more time diving while in Costa Rica !

Do I need my own Scuba gear and how much do I pay for Equipment rental ?

Having the right scuba gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Most dive centers provide rental gear but many divers prefer to invest in their equipment over time. Rich Coast Diving is a certified Cressi & Scuba Pro dealer and our shop is stocked with a wide range of (rental) equipment and accessories to give you the best under water experience. All our courses included equipment rental and for our dive trips you can rent scuba equipment for $30 USD per day. Which saves you the hassel of bringing equipment on holiday and travel around with heavy bags.



As a new diver you do want to invest in your own dive mask. As each face is different, it is very important to have a mask that fits you well so you can enjoy your dives. If you decide to buy your own equipment then the essential scuba gear includes a mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit (3-5 mm in for diving in Costa Rica) , BCD (buoyancy control device), regulator, and dive computer. Prices for gear can vary significantly, with a full set of basic gear costing anywhere from $800 to $1,500. Keep in mind that higher-quality gear can be more expensive but may offer greater durability and comfort in the long run. And will last you a lifetime. Note that buying equipment in Costa Rica can be expensive due to high taxes and you will be better off to buy in your home country.

Do I need Dive insurance in Costa Rica ?

Dive insurance is a crucial aspect of scuba diving, as it provides financial protection in case of accidents or medical emergencies while diving. We do not require proof of dive insurance before allowing you to participate in diving excursions. But being insured for diving is always recommend. Is diving insurance expensive ? The cost of dive insurance varies based on coverage, duration, and the extent of the policy. On average, you can expect to pay around $100 to $300 annually for comprehensive dive insurance. Or you can take insurance per day or for the duration of you holiday.

How much do I pay for diving and accomodation in Costa Rica

Travel expenses can significantly impact the overall cost of your scuba diving adventure, especially if you're heading to a distant destination. Flights, transportation to and from dive sites, and accommodation costs must be factored into your budget. The expenses will vary depending on your travel preferences, destination, and the length of your stay. To save on costs, consider planning your trip during the shoulder season when prices are generally lower, and popular dive sites are less crowded.


May to November are some of our favorites month for diving in Costa Rica. There are less tourists so you rarely find other divers on the dive sites. And i you will find good deals on accomodation and car rental. At Rich Coast Diving we can help you to plan an uforgettable diving holiday in Costa Rica. Since we are closely located to the International airport of Liberia with direct connections to north america and Europe you will not necesarily need to rent a car. Once you get to Playa del Coco we can organize your accmodation and diving or snokeling trips. For your convenience we selected the best affordable accomodation in town at walking distance from our dive center. And if you like to take a break from diving we can also arrange activities to the stunning nature that Costa Rica has to offer. Here you find an overview of our dive & accomodation packages and tours & activities.

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How much do I pay for additional dive training or a refresher course?

While the Open Water Diver certification allows you to explore shallow depths (up to 18m mters or 60 ft), some of the most captivating dive sites may require you to get Advanced certified. For example our trips with Bullshark diving in Bats we require advanced certified divers. 


Costa Rica offers great diving conditions and training sites and is an excellent place to do specialized courses (PADI specialties) like Deep Diver, Nitrox Diver, or Underwater Photography can enhance your diving skills and enrich your underwater experiences. The costs for these courses can range from $200 to $300, depending on the complexity and duration of the training. As PADI 5 star CDC we offer a wide range of PADI courses and professional training. 

If you haven´t been diving in a while (more than one year) we ask you to do a scuba refresher. This will help you to get comortably back into the water. Learn more about our Refresher or Reactivate program here.

How much do I tip my Dive or snorkel guide ?

When you're on a dive trip, there is an experienced crew taking care of you. Our dive guides, boat crew, and other staff members who make your diving experience as safe and fun as possible. Tipping is a common practice in the diving industry as a way to show appreciation for their efforts. While not mandatory, a tip of 10-15% of the dive trip cost is generally appreciated. And ofcourse we love reviews on tripadvisor and google !

In conclusion, costs of your scuba diving holiday in Costa Rica can vary widely depending on factors such as certification, gear, travel, and the type of diving you wish to pursue. By planning ahead, budgeting wisely, and taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities, you can turn your scuba diving dreams into a reality without breaking the bank. Remember, the unforgettable experiences and magical encounters with marine life that await you underwater are well worth the investment. So, gear up, get certified, and plunge into the awe-inspiring world of scuba diving! Contact us directly to plan your next Dive holiday in Costa Rica.

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