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Become a PADI Pro in Costa Rica

With Rich Coast Diving

I Want to become a PADI Professional

Start Your Dream Dive Career

Rich Coast Diving will help you begin your dream career as a PADI Professional. Our PRO Development program has been the starting point for hundreds of people from around the world.

As a PADI Career Development Center we offer the full range of PADI Professional Training Courses, Internships and experience workshops. We are there every step of the way in becoming a PRO.

Start with the Divemaster Course 4-8 weeks or join our Divemaster Internship and become a more experienced Divemaster (3 months).


If you are already a Divemaster then join our IDC and get ready to start your dream career as a dive instructor.

Join us for a PRO
experience of a life-time


Why Costa Rica ? Imagine doing your training around world class dive sites. And get to dive all the time with the best rated PADI Career development Center in Central America with in-house PADI Course Directors ready to answer your questions.


We get you ready to be employed in the dive industry. Will it be Will it be fun...YES !

Are you ready to live your dream Life ?


From a Financial Controller to a Buoyancy Controller

" Becoming a dive master helped me to live my dream life "

Mike Davids
PADI Dive Master

PADI Pro Courses

PADI Pro Courses

About becoming a Pro

As a PADI professional, you do things others only dream of. Whether you work at a local dive center or at a resort, the adventure of a lifetime is yours for the taking. Imagine a job where you actually look forward to heading off to work in the morning.


As a PADI Pro, you are one of the most sought-after dive professionals on the planet. And, with more than 4700 PADI dive centers and resorts worldwide, the world is your office, therefore your playground.

Become a Pro If You Want To

  • Make the Ocean your Office

  • Do things others only dream of

  • Become a LEADER and Scuba Diving expert

  • Join the ranks of the dedicated professionals

Learn How To

  • Teach Scuba Diving

  • Become a Leader

  • Build a career in Diving

Why Choose Rich Coast Diving ?


Rich Coast Diving takes pride in the quality and the professionalism of our teaching methods. But also the fun during our courses. Since we have our own inhouse Course Directors it allows to offer flexible schedules. 


Our goal is trying to fit your needs plus exceed your expectations. Providing maximum customer service by organizing IDC’s in small groups, As a result, every student gets his or her own personal time. Benefit from extra workshops and mentoring to boost your skills and real-world employability.


And ofcourse we offer great diving ! The Pacific side is known for big pelagics like mantas and sharks and large schools of fish. Together with the amazing wildlife parcs that Costa Rica has to offer, it makes Rich Coast Diving a perfect place to go Pro !


Our Marine Science program is unique to Costa Rica. We teach various Specialties that will help your career. We are very committed to ocean conservation and, as such, we teach all our candidates about being EcoPros, get them involved in beach cleans, dives against debris etc.



Our friendly and knowledgeable Course Directors and Instructors are waiting to hear from you with any questions that you may have.

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