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Dive into the Christmas Holidays in Costa Rica

Christmas time. Or as we like to call it… that time of the year where EVERYBODY wants to go diving. We will be diving. Every day....3 times. Non-stop. Busy days. These are the things we live for here at Rich Coast Diving. The adrenaline of working hard and the constant rushing of left and right, coming home fulfilled after a whole day of allowing customers to enjoy diving in the beautiful country of Costa Rica below the surface.

We are proud to say that we have a great professional team. And our staff comes from all over the world and together we speak many languages to make sure you get the best service possible. Currently at Rich Coast Diving we have around 12 members who work full time. Of which more than half are certified and experienced PADI instructors.

This time of the year we teach many courses introducing new divers to the fascinating underwater world. And for those who need to refresh there skills we offer a refresh course in the pool. To make sure that you have the best possible experience when you start diving again. And even though our dive shop gets pretty busy. We always dive in small groups of four guests per dive instructor accompanied by a divemaster trainee. This way you get to enjoy your dive longer and don't need to go up when other guest are low on air. And with a maximum of 8 guests per boat it never feels crowded. So you really get to enjoy your time on the boat.

Diving Guanacaste Costa Rica

Our guests enjoy Christmas time in Coco and we help them organizing their vacation. We assist with hotel bookings, diving or snorkeling trips and even full day or half day excursions.

Most of the tourists we receive are all coming from the US and Canada. But also from other parts of the world like Holland, Germany, England, Brazil, China, Australia and Spain just to name a few we have seen here the past month.

We are just excited as these people! We don’t get a holiday or anything (quite the opposite) but we get to share great diving experiences and help make this a memorable holiday for others. That is why we do it and that is what makes us happy.

Are you planning your next diving holidays in Costa Rica? Then contact us to help you plan.

Rich Coast Diving

Mrs. Celine Monfort

WhatsApp: +506 8610 0914

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