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Butterflyfish - Angelfish - Surgeonfish

Group 1: Disks and Ovals / Colorful

Butterflyfish - Angelfish - Surgeonfish & Other

Group 1- Disks and Ovals / Colorful : The first category of disk and oval shaped fish are very important. They are colorful, large and very obvious and the three main families that make up the group can be found on almost every dive in Costa Rica.

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5 Fun Facts - Butterfly Fish

FUN FACTS Butteflyfish - Angelfish - Surgergeonfish

Butterfly fish are among the most colorful creatures you'll find in the world's coral reefs. These enchanting fish belong to the family Chaetodontidae and are renowned for their striking appearance and fascinating behaviors. Here's all you need to know about these underwater wonders, along with some fun facts:

Name Origins: The name "butterflyfish" is derived from their graceful and fluttering movements underwater, which resemble the delicate and graceful flight of butterflies.

Dazzling Appearance: Butterfly fish are famous for their vibrant and intricate patterns. Their bodies are often adorned with bold stripes, spots, and eye-catching colors like electric blues, yellows, and oranges. This striking appearance not only helps them blend in with the coral but also serves as a warning to potential predators that they are toxic or unpalatable.

Social Butterflies: Butterfly fish are known for forming monogamous pairs that stay together for at least 3 years and sometimes for life. They are often seen swimming closely with their mate, which strengthens their bond and aids in defending their territory.

Specialized Diet: Butterfly fish have a unique diet that primarily consists of coral polyps, small invertebrates, and algae. Their long, slender mouths are perfectly adapted for reaching into tight spaces within the coral to extract their prey.

Keystone Species: Butterfly fish play a crucial role in maintaining the health of coral reefs. By feeding on harmful organisms that can overgrow and damage corals, they help to keep the ecosystem in balance.

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