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Start Scuba Diving: A whole new world to Discover !

Can you remember what you felt like the first time you were underwater? Do you still feel that same excitement which you did the first time? Once you start your adventures in diving, you crave that feeling of being under the water all the time.

PADI Course Costa Rica

So after taking your Open water course you want to learn more about diving so your able to go deeper and feel more secure about your knowledge and skills. In order to achieve the knowledge you start working on getting your advanced certification, and also by knowing more about the scuba-diving culture you start to be conscious about the problems that can come with it. Then, you want to know how to solve problems, or how to prevent them more importantly, so you take the Rescue Course. Now your a Rescue diver and your able to solve problems under pressure at the surface and underwater.

After a time being a rescue diver, you may want to keep pushing yourself into more challenging adventures. So you decide to improve your skills by doing specialties. The main point is to learn specific skills about the things you are interested in. For example, I will expose some different specialties you could be interested in taking. As a rescue diver you may want to take the O2 provider specialty, this course gives you the necessary knowledge for being capable of solving different emergencies related with diving problems. Also it will give you more self confidence when you have to handle real emergencies.

If you want to learn more about marine species and how they behave in their environment, another option you have is to take the Shark Specialty Course or another Project Aware related program. In the course you learn why sharks are important for the environment and also what problems they face, including shark finning, one of the most terrible things we are doing to this majestic species.

If you are keen to explore the underwater world, the Wreck and the Deep Specialty are the courses for you. These two specialties are often done together. This is because sometimes you may want to visit a wreck at 40 metres, so in that case the Deep course will help you to handle the different situations you may face underwater. In addition, taking the wreck specialty gives you the knowledge necessary to be prepared to go inside a wreck. If you ever go into a wreck, there is a lot of stuff you need to take into consideration; do not ever go in if you are not certified to do so. The Nitrox Course could be interesting for you if you like to have longer no stop time. This course is a good complement for those people who have taken the Wreck or Cave course. As a nitrox diver you are capable of spending more time at depth than with the regular compressed air; this is an interesting point if you are diving in a deep wreck or deep caves because you can spend more time enjoying the marine life.

Diving Guanacaste Costa Rica

Finally I would like to mark that as you have noticed there are different kind of specialties, as an Open Water diver you can already start getting some of these certifications.

There are a lot of different specialties you may be interested in. We listed all the PADI Specialty Course HERE on our website. Your diving adventure just started with your OW and the rest is just going to get better. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our courses, we’d love to to teach you.

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